Lego USB Flash Drive by Spiked Mods

Sunday, July 17, 2005

So it seems someone has made another Lego USB flash drive in the likeness of my own.

Except he managed to fit the component into a 4 x 2 brick instead of the 6 x 2 brick that I used. I wanted to get mine into that 4 x 2 brick but the component was a little bit too big. But since he used a Cruzer Micro, his component turned out to be smaller than mine, so it fit.

He also used blue and black bricks inastead of the red bricks that I used.
This way no one could mistake it for a sissy color, which it is not.

So I give Dan (the maker of the above Lego Drive) my props, and I will try to use a Cruzer Micro like he did. But then again I'm a cheap ass, so I fear having to buy new stuff.

Dan's Lego USB drive

The lego bricks used in the mod featured in this blog are red, not pink...and I was not the fist to combine a USB Flash Drive and Lego bricks as you can see here.

I used red in the first place because that is the color that comes to mind when thinking of an average lego brick, and it is the color of brick used in Lego logos, labels, etc.

I suppose if I were to do a version in a yellow color, it would be called piss.
So I think another version will use blue just to be safe....unless there is some other color that is worse and could be confused with.

Once again, the bricks are red, not pink.

This color
not this color