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Sunday, July 17, 2005

So it seems someone has made another Lego USB flash drive in the likeness of my own.

Except he managed to fit the component into a 4 x 2 brick instead of the 6 x 2 brick that I used. I wanted to get mine into that 4 x 2 brick but the component was a little bit too big. But since he used a Cruzer Micro, his component turned out to be smaller than mine, so it fit.

He also used blue and black bricks inastead of the red bricks that I used.
This way no one could mistake it for a sissy color, which it is not.

So I give Dan (the maker of the above Lego Drive) my props, and I will try to use a Cruzer Micro like he did. But then again I'm a cheap ass, so I fear having to buy new stuff.

Dan's Lego USB drive

The lego bricks used in the mod featured in this blog are red, not pink...and I was not the fist to combine a USB Flash Drive and Lego bricks as you can see here.

I used red in the first place because that is the color that comes to mind when thinking of an average lego brick, and it is the color of brick used in Lego logos, labels, etc.

I suppose if I were to do a version in a yellow color, it would be called piss.
So I think another version will use blue just to be safe....unless there is some other color that is worse and could be confused with.

Once again, the bricks are red, not pink.

This color
not this color

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Here is the Flash Drive that I used. You can get a pretty good deal on it through Amazon, but since it is Amazon, they like to change prices on people, put specific ads on their pages, and whatever, so I can't give you a direct link. But if you just go to and search for "Viking USB" it will come up with all the different memory sizes. Mine is 128mb because I did not want to spend money on something that may get damaged.

Remember, this is the only Flash Drive that I am sure will fit (with proper adjustments) in the Lego brick. Some other flash drives look smaller on the ouside, but their components(chips) are bigger, so they may not fit. Also if you want to do any of the other mods involving USB Flash Drives that I put up, I use the same component for every one.

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The Lego USB Flash Drive brought to you by Spiked Mods.

As far as I know, I am the first to do this.
So, here is: How I made my USB Lego Flash Drive.
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You might want to read the notes at the bottom before you proceed.

What I used:
  • Viking USB00128L 128 MB USB Storage Device
  • A 6x2 lego brick.
  • A 6x2 flat lego brick.
  • A 2x2 lego brick.
  • A 2x2 flat lego brick.
  • Some superglue.
  • A dremel.
  • Masking tape.
Step 1: Remove the USB Memory stick component from its casing.
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Step 2:
Carve out the 6x2 lego brick, removing all the interior stuff.

Step 3: Carve out a "door" in the hollow 6x2 lego brick about the size of the male end of the USB plug, but not as big as the component's circuit board.

Step 4: Carve out the 2x2 lego brick, removing all the interior stuff.
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Step 5: Carve out a "door" in the 2x2 lego brick just like in the 6x2 lego brick.
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Step 6: Put something behind the component so it won't move around or slide back in. I used a ball of masking tape, and I regret it.

Step 7:
Put the USB Memory Stick component in the hollow 6x2 lego brick and carve out any more needed space to make it fit snug. Make sure the component is right side up!

Step 8: Add superglue around the edges of the 6x2 flat lego brick, leaving one side without any glue.
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Step 9: Put the 6x2 flat lego brick on top of the 6x2 lego brick to seal them together with the component inside.

Step 10: Glue the 2x2 flat lego brick to the hollow 2x2 lego brick the same way as the 6x2.
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Done. Just use another lego peice to hold the cap onto the USB Memory stick.
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You can also add other lego pieces to make it look...however you want it to.

NOTE: The masking tape was a little to squishy, so the component could be pushed back. Use something harder instead.

NOTE: I grinded the component's circuit board down a little bit to make it fit better.